Endpoint Dubai staff member Camille Lintag

Camille Lintag

Wayfinding Strategist and Information Designer


My interest in wayfinding stems from my background as a landscape architect. Having a deep understanding of the built environment and user needs, combined with my passion for graphics, are both essential in my work at Endpoint. I believe in creating sustainable, inclusive design solutions that are culturally sensitive and socially relevant.

My work encompasses wayfinding landscape integration studies for residential and hospitality projects in Dubai. I also create technical drawings on developments, such as the Dubai Design District.

Prior to joining Endpoint, I worked on various projects with some of the most brilliant designers in Southeast Asia, where I gained my extensive background in graphics, design management and space planning. I’m proficient in creating 2D and 3D graphics, as well as (old-school) freehand sketching.

Outside of work, you’ll usually find me doing pen and ink sketches, snapping photos, shopping for indoor plants or getting lost in bookstores.