Endpoint Dubai staff member Karen Nawa

Karen Nawa



Since my student days, I’ve always branded my projects with at least a logo even if it wasn’t in the brief. I just couldn’t help myself. I realised that I had an interest in visual identity and that’s when I started my career working in the graphic design industry.

I now have 11 years’ experience working in branding and corporate identity on projects for Dubai Calendar, Dubai World Trade Centre and Shaza Hotels. I also have a BA in Product Design from the University of Brasilia and a master’s degree from Kyushu University, where I completed a research about traditional Japanese packaging.

My journey now brings me to Endpoint where I am developing wayfinding systems for brands and environments, large and small. My work allows me to perfectly combine my two creative passions, making the most of my graphic design experience and product design background.

I am a foodie at heart and I love to try out the strangest things on the menu. Whenever I can, I like to bake and try out new recipes (including ice creams) and feed my friends with my sugary trials.