Endpoint London staff member Pedro Barreto, Technical Project Manager

Pedro Barreto

Technical Project Manager


As part of the Brand Implementation team at Endpoint, I get to help turn concepts and visuals into tangible products of the highest quality through an unmatched attention to detail.

I manage a wealth of supplier and client relationships to the best of my ability by ensuring everyone gets the attention and time they need to achieve the excellent results we are known to deliver.

I had studied architecture in one of the most prestigious architectural schools in Portugal, my main focus being on project management before changing to a more specific area of intervention. I have been helping clients implement their brands for over ten years now.

Since joining Endpoint, I have worked on various stages of many brand implementation projects with key clients, including; Westminster Abbey, Tate Modern, Tate Britain and a global technology brand.

Born in Madeira Island, I enjoy the ocean and the great outdoors.