At a glance
  • One of the most recognisable brands in the art world
  • Four projects across three sites
  • Technical design and implementation
  • Collaborations with designers Cartlidge Levene and Studio Fernando Gutierrez

Tate is one of the most recognisable brands in the art world. It has four major sites in the UK, housing the national collection of British art from 1500 along with a collection of international modern and contemporary art.

We have worked on projects at three of these sites: Tate Liverpool, Tate Modern and Tate Britain.

Chandelier, Tate Liverpool – technical design and implementation, with designers Cartlidge Levene

We were commissioned to help bring to life the idea of a ‘typographic chandelier’ as a new gallery entrance centrepiece for Tate Liverpool. Through extensive 3D modeling, technical drawings, on site testing and close collaboration with the architect and structural engineer, we delivered an elegant solution that worked. The striking result – a chandelier that seamlessly appears to hover above the entrance – has greatly improved visibility and navigation within Albert Dock, and expresses the creative individuality of the Tate. We also helped enhance brand presence with hand painted lettering directly applied onto the brickwork on the outside of the building.

Map dispenser, Tate Modern – technical design and implementation, with designers Cartlidge Levene

We also worked with Cartlidge Levene to create a map dispenser for the Tate Modern. A multi-purpose piece, it needed to hold maps as well as accept donations, be movable, secure and easy for staff to empty. We were keen that the look and feel should in no way be compromised by the functionality. The clutter of visible locks, screws, wheels etc. would detract from the design, and not fit the brand, so a great deal of thought went into conceiving ways in which all of the functional elements could be completely hidden. Within a short lead-time of four weeks, we made sure they were ready to take pride of place at the entrance to Tate Modern. The units were very well received, with the design being reworked for Tate Britain.

Pop Life: Art in a Material World, Tate Modern – technical design and implementation, with Studio Fernando Gutierrez

Working alongside designers Studio Fernando Gutierrez we helped create the bespoke neon signage at the entrance to this exhibition. It examined the various ways that artists since the 1980s have engaged with mass media and cultivated artistic personas to create their own brands.

Art of the Garden, Tate Britain – design development and implementation of exhibition and environmental graphics

The Art of the Garden exhibition, held at Tate Britain, explored the relationship and the impact of the garden on British art over the last two hundred years. Working directly with their internal communications team we helped with the design development and implementation of the exhibition.

“The detailing and making of our typographic chandelier presented us with a real challenge in terms of developing the structure and achieving the robustness required in the harsh Albert Dock environment. We always enjoy working with Endpoint in these situations. We need first rate technical design input to ensure our design intent is realised and our aesthetics are not compromised.”
Ian Cartlidge, Cartlidge Levene.

Tate Liverpool signage production Tate Liverpool signage technical design Tate Liverpool map dispenser Tate Liverpool map dispenser Tate Art of the Garden environmental graphics

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