What do you see?The No.1 arena in the world, or an opportunity to make it even better?

The O2

At a glance
  • Iconic world-class entertainment venue
  • Arena environs cluttered and underperforming
  • Wayfinding strategy
  • Ideas for brand enhancement
The opportunity

Boost performance

The O2 Arena is officially the number one arena in the world. Musicians, theatre productions and large-scale exhibitions are queuing up for a spot at the Arena, but this doesn’t tell a full story. Underneath the tent structure, surrounding the arena itself, there are a variety of other food and leisure options that are simply not sharing the same level of success.

We were asked by owners AEG to work with VCCP, their brand and communications agency, to create a wayfinding strategy. It was to bring greater footfall into the tent and provide a better brand experience for visitors, generally.

The result

Engaging concepts

We created a wayfinding strategy that would improve the visitor experience and boost business elsewhere in the O2 as a result.

Included were a number of creative solutions, updates and ‘quick wins’ where the O2 could phase in new wayfinding and experiential interventions in a pragmatic way.

Our approach

Consultative and creative

We undertook staff consultations and created design concepts for the not so loved areas of the O2. A key focus of our strategy was the creation of giant totems that could be easily seen even on the busiest of event days. At eye level we included standard directional information, but at the top created a playful feature – beacons using animated LED coloured lights that would move according to sound. Rippling according to the type of sound playing out in the Arena, from rock to pop, to the whack of a tennis ball at the ATP World Tour final, the experience would be different at every visit.

We discussed opportunities around projection on to the tent structure itself and considered landmark opportunities around the site.

The O2 internal wayfinding signage The O2 signage concept designs The O2 internal wayfinding signage

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