We are an international, multi-lingual team of around 35 people, working from two studios in London and Dubai. This helps us meet the needs of our global clients and their audiences, bringing cultural knowledge and sensitivity to the task in hand.

Our people are both creatively inquisitive and technically accomplished: a combination that allows us to out-think conventional approaches. This is reflected in the wide range of skills and backgrounds we have in-house – from strategy and industrial design, to architecture and project management with a manufacturing and implementation bias.


We take culture seriously at Endpoint. We work hard to create an environment that is happy and an enriching place to be. So much so, that we are aiming for The Sunday Times '100 Best Small Companies to Work For'.

We have an active Lunch + Learn CPD programme, which allows our people to keep ahead of the game with the latest ideas, tools and technologies from industry leaders. We also have an inhouse e-zine where we swap tips and share a laugh.

We have a lively social scene from Monday night tennis, to bi-monthly team excursions and Bake-off competitions.

If you would like to be a CPD guest speaker at one of our Lunch + Learn sessions,
we'd love to hear from you.

Work with us

We attract the best design and delivery talent at Endpoint. Team members have attended internationally recognised art and design schools, or bring world-class delivery expertise from top tier industry.

Over our 15 years of business, we have always looked for a special kind of person. People who are imaginative, who can think around a problem and see it from all angles. People who exceed expectation, consider it the norm. Who can deliver workwith ease, and efficiency. It also helps if you are an all-round good egg.

The international nature of our work means that inter-studio collaboration between London and Dubai, is key. We offer the opportunity to work on projects that can be based in the UK, the Gulf region, or elsewhere through our global network of partnerships.

If you are interested in joining us please send in your cover letter, CV and portfolio to: [email protected]