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Fariz Ahmad

Fariz Ahmad

Studio Director, MENA & APAC


At Endpoint’s Dubai studio, I’m responsible for managing the team to ensure timely and quality completion of our projects. Since August 2022, I took over the day-to-day operations of Endpoint’s Singapore studio as well. I’m dedicated to maintaining high standards while promoting cohesion to achieve each project’s goals and objectives with my team in Dubai and Singapore.

I started my career working for a signage production company and have since gained extensive experience in wayfinding, smart digital experiential design, signage fabrication, and installation. With so many years of work experience in the field and a passion for digital and technical innovation, I’m able to provide innovative design solutions for any challenging project.

I am a native Singaporean who enjoys extreme sports – particularly skydiving. So when planning family holidays, I tend to take us to countries with a drop zone; just to schedule some freefall time.

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