Endpoint Dubai staff member Irene Lammerse

Irene Lammerse

Office Manager


By nature, I’m a very service orientated person, who enjoys being supportive to colleagues and our clients. I’m a structured and organised team player, who loves having people around me in the office and feels most comfortable having various responsibilities at the same time.

As a trained personal assistant, I manage the day-to-day administrative tasks related to personnel, financial planning, office supplies, operations and logistics and much more in our Dubai studio.

I’m married, and a proud mum of two teenage kids. I also have a Jack Russell dog, who I love and is almost my third child. Outside of work, I like to spend time with my husband and kids, as well as travelling, reading and socialising with others. As I prefer to be busy and involved in many things at the same time, I’m also the secretary for my kids Parent School Council.