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  • Navigation aids
  • All archive pages have a crumb trail at the top of the page that indicates precisely which section of the site you are in
  • All listing pages (eg, news) have previous, next and home links to aid navigation in text-only browsers and screen readers


  • Links across the site are written to be descriptive of their target whenever possible. Where this isn't the case, the link title attribute has been used to describe the target
  • Whenever possible links are written to make sense out of context, to help users that extract a list of all the links on the page and browse it separately from the content
  • Link text is never duplicated; two links with the same link text always point to the same address
  • There are no javascript pseudo-links. All links can be followed in any browser, even if scripting is turned off
  • There are no links that open new windows without warning


  • All content images used in this site include descriptive ALT attributes. Purely decorative graphics include null ALT attributes

Visual design

  • This site and all its pages use cascading style sheets for visual layout
  • The site uses a special cascading style sheet for printing pages
  • The design uses relative font size so accommodates text sizes changes by the user. Internet Explorer has a limited text resizing feature (View menu, Text Size)
  • If your browser or browsing device does not support style sheets at all, the content of each page is still readable
  • The page structure has been laid out by using CSS positioning. Tables where used are reserved for tabular data only and feature the correct HTML markup
  • All the pages have been optimised so the main content comes first followed by the various navigation elements, making it easier for screen reader users to get to the relevant information quickly

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