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03/08/2022 11:28
We are hiring a Production Manager for our London studio. If you or someone you know is passionate about wayfinding and signage, contact us now.Click the links in bio to view the job description.
28/07/2022 12:51
As part of the @universityofeastlondon – Connected Campus program, Endpoint was appointed as the lead consultant, working together with architect @altitudedesignoffice and landscape designer @outerspace_urban_design, to rejuvenate its three campuses in Stratford and the Docklands, making them more welcoming and appealing for people to work, study and live.Click the links in bio to read our full case study.
26/07/2022 10:42
Endpoint’s new hub – Wayfinding X Change explores the future of digital wayfinding through discussion, collaboration and shared expertise. Kicking off the series, Endpoint Dubai’s Studio Director, Fariz Ahmad, shares his passion for smart wayfinding for smart cities.Click the link in bio and listen to our first podcast episode.
20/07/2022 10:52
The wayfinding landscape is changing, with an ever-growing array of new technologies which could be applied to wayfinding and placemaking. To cope with the new trend, we’re delighted to announce that a new discussion hub – Wayfinding X Change podcast is launched. We want to connect with digital and tech specialists to exchange knowledge of new technologies and wayfinding solutions through discussion, collaboration and shared expertise.Click the links in bio to view the news article and listen to our first podcast episode – Smart wayfinding for smart cities.
13/07/2022 11:50
78 St James’s Street @78stjst is a historic Georgian building and a St James’s landmark, designed in 1840 by Sydney Smirke. We are thrilled to be part of the design team, creating on wayfinding and sign design, for this redevelopment project carried out by @BentallGreenOak with architects @squirepartners. We reviewed signage samples earlier and installed them carefully. The full case study will be ready soon. Stay in touch with us.Click the link in bio to subscribe to our newsletter.


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