Webinar: The CMO’s guide to applying a global brand

We are delighted to announce that Tony Lorenz will present – The CMO’s Guide To Applying A Global Brand – webinar on Wednesday, June 26th.

Title: The CMO’s Guide To Applying A Global Brand

Date: Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm BST / US ET 8am – 9am / Middle East 3pm – 4pm

Space is limited for this free webinar, run in association with Communicate Magazine, so please reserve your seat now by registering here.

The CMO’s guide to applying a global rebrand

In 2013, the total value of brands is higher than ever before and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is under increasing pressure from the Executive Suite to demonstrate the return on investment of marketing spend. In many cases the various market forces or business changes create a demand for a global brand change, as brands continually seek to differentiate and position themselves away from their competitors.

Often it is the CMO who is tasked with the responsibility of delivering the rebrand and making the project work. However on many occasions a lack of initial planning and knowledge along with an underestimation of the importance of brand implementation can result in the project:

– Failing to receive the support of all key stakeholders

– Running way over time and budget

– And ultimately failing to meet the original business objectives

If you and your business wants to take a smarter approach to planning a global rebrand or brand change project or you are simply interested in educating yourself for the future then join our live webinar on Wednesday, 26 June at BST 1pm / US ET 8am / Middle East 3pm to find out how.

At this live presentation with Q&A, Strategy and Development Director Tony Lorenz outlines the false assumptions many businesses make when starting a global rebrand project and then he outlines the steps that organisations should take to ensure a successful implementation that lasts for the long-term.

Attendees leave with:

– Insight into the issues that can hinder a successful global rebrand

– A clearer idea of the implementation roll out steps

– A list of starter questions to ask to ensure a smooth rather than painful outcome

Who should attend:

– Chief Marketing Officers who are responsible for multi-country or global branding

– Senior Marketing Professionals responsible for branding

– Senior Branding Agency Professionals

Space is limited for this free webinar so please reserve your seat now by registering here.

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