Endpoint wayfinding team begins work at Norway’s new National Museum

It’s time for us to start brushing up on our Bokmål here at Endpoint!

We’re delighted to be working for the National Museum of Norway, providing wayfinding strategy and design for its new home in the centre of Oslo.

Set to open in 2020, the new National Museum is a 15-year project in the making. An initiative started to combine five existing galleries and create the largest cultural centre in the Nordic region. When complete, the exhibition space will total 13,000 mand will include cafés, libraries, bookshop and theatre space.

The museum will house a diverse range of exhibits – over 300,000 pieces, with 6000 on permanent display, including famous works like Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ – together with visual arts, crafts, design, and architecture displays.

According to the museum team, their aim is to provide “positive visitor experiences through both the design of the building and its contents” to an anticipated 750,000 visitors a year!

Challenge accepted!