Endpoint dines out on Hakkasan signage and brand application win

Hakkasan, the Michelin Star award-winning restaurant chain, has appointed Endpoint to explore and develop various external signage and brand application concepts for its flagship Hanway Place restaurant, located in the heart of London’s West End.

Founded in London in 2001, the Cantonese fine-dining restaurant prides itself on quality and uniqueness. Working with Hakkasan’s in-house design team, our wayfinding team will develop a number of 2D and 3D product types and signage elements; designed to lead and entice customers to the restaurant from strategic points in the local area to create a sense of intrigue and exclusivity.

Having worked with Hakkasan in the past, we’re thrilled to be playing a part in continuing to evolve the brand. Our goal is to clearly communicate the brand and its heritage; ensuring it’s consistent with Hakkasan’s Chinese interior design and London setting.

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