Endpoint appointed for wayfinding masterplan at London’s Royal Albert Docks

ABP recently appointed Endpoint to design and develop a wayfinding masterplan for their Royal Albert Docks development. This £1.7 billion investment aims to transform this underutilised area of East London into a new Asian Business District; the largest development of its kind in the UK.

The design team is led by architect and masterplanner, Farrells, who introduced us to ABP following our successful collaboration at Chelsea Waterfront. One of the unique challenges of this project will be creating a wayfinding design system that is effective for the initial building phase, but also future-proofed to ensure consistency as it’s implemented throughout the development over the next eight years.

Situated in the Royal Docks Enterprise Zone, the 35-acre mixed-use development will include a business cluster, retail and residential space and leisure facilities, creating a place where people can work, live and enjoy. The creation of London’s next business district is estimated to deliver more than 30,000 jobs and generate an income of £6 billion to the London economy.