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Andrea Monti

Andrea Monti

Technical Designer



I am Andrea Monti, an industrial designer from Argentina. I have been fortunate to explore various facets of the design world. Through my diverse experiences, I have fostered a deep appreciation for architecture, graphic design, and product design.

My expertise lies in large-format signage manufacturing, particularly within the wayfinding sector. Here, I seamlessly blend my creative passion with practical solutions, offering a unique perspective at the juncture of design and production.

In my design approach, I am driven by a philosophy of humble problem-solving. I am dedicated to creating designs that are not only visually captivating but also purposeful, enhancing both form and function.

Beyond design, my inspiration comes from collecting graphic novels and illustration books, which celebrate the diverse creativity of artists. I enjoy exploring new cuisines, cycling, and cherishing quality moments with friends when I'm not at the drawing board.

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