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Welcome to Endpoint

Our passion is to connect people and place, to create experiences that make a real difference.

We do this through wayfinding and the translation of brands within the built environment.

We look at the built environment in a different way. A way that creates immense strategic and aesthetic value for clients.

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16/07/2021 17:51
Sketching helps to explore so many ideas we have, especially when we're in meetings with our client, as it's an opportunity then and there to bring our ideas to life and discuss any concerns straight away. This is a very important part of our design process.
08/07/2021 11:18
Very proud to be delivering wayfinding strategy, creative and technical design for 6 out of 9 mega projects part of the Saudi Arabia 2030 vision, underlining our global leading position! #weareendpoint #wayfindingconsultants #wayfindingexperts #creative #design #london #dubai #designfirm #designstudio #placemaking #wayfindingdesign #signagedesign #wayfinding #wayfindingdesign #saudivision2030
25/06/2021 12:43
👂No creative design post here today, instead we're sharing with you an eye-opening podcast that gives you an insight into our thinking behind wayfinding.In writer and podcast host, Mark Heywood's @behindthespinepodcast, he interviewed our very own Alison Richings, who covers everything from individual orientation to emotional decision-making, looking at the psychology of signage, the need for information, and strategic placement in relation to different spaces such as malls, shops, supermarkets, museums, stadiums, and hospitals.If you haven't listened already, we can't wait for you to hear it.Click on the link in our bio to listen to the 30-minute podcast.




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