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Our passion is to connect people and place, to create experiences that make a real difference.

We do this through wayfinding and the translation of brands within the built environment.

We look at the built environment in a different way. A way that creates immense strategic and aesthetic value for clients.

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13/09/2023 18:01
In recognition of the life-preserving £40 million raised through donations during lockdown, the @nationaltheatre needed a new donor board.Endpoint transformed the 'Luminaire' concept into a tangible reality, crafting it from hand-finished aluminium to match the NT’s existing architectural palette and evoke the idea of candle flames with integrated illumination. Importantly, our design was achieved without disrupting the integrity of the theatre's walls. We created something experiential to engage the audience.For a more in-depth exploration of this project and to view the full video, please follow the link in our bio.
05/09/2023 16:29
In the most recent instalment of the Endpoint’s Wayfinding X Change Podcast, Gideon engages in a conversation with Ian Streets, the Founder of About Access, delving into the topic of accessibility in wayfinding and design.Click on the link in our bio to listen to the 30-minute episode in full or read the article summary.
23/08/2023 17:08
Did you get a chance to tune in to our Wayfinding X Change Podcast?Each episode typically lasts between 30 to 40 minutes, during which we delve into valuable insights and draw inspiration from prominent experts, tech innovators, and significant contributors in the field of wayfinding.Whether you're familiar with wayfinding, or looking to learn more about this service before engaging a wayfinding consultant for your project, our episodes provide value for all.So far, our podcasts have covered:#EP01 - Smart wayfinding with our Dubai Studio Director, Fariz Ahmad#EP02 - Real-time digital signage with Chris Johns, founder of Passageway Smart Digital Signs#EP03 - The future of physical and digital wayfinding with Eva Cheng, Product Marketing Manager at Pointr#EP04 - Audio navigation with Ethan Brooks, Director of External Affairs at @waymap_org.#EP05 - Immersive digital human experiences with Guy Gadney, CEO of - Wayfinding as a service for healthcare with Ralph Michels, CEO of Eyedog.#EP07 - The importance of colour with international colour guru @leatriceeiseman.#EP08 - All things typographical with @dalton.maag's Creative Director, - How cognitive ageing impacts wayfinding with Professor Jan Wiener from the psychology department at @bournemouthuni.Keep an eye out for our upcoming September episode, where we'll discuss accessibility in wayfinding with Ian Street, the Managing Director of About Access.Click on the link in our bio to listen now:



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