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Aniket Pawar

Aniket Pawar

Wayfinding Designer



With a background spanning 15 years in various disciplines, my expertise lies in providing innovative solutions that embrace creativity and experimentation. I aim to seamlessly integrate digital and physical elements, crafting cohesive and inclusive user experiences.

Throughout my career, I've contributed to diverse fields such as exhibitions, retail design, and wayfinding, collaborating with prestigious brands like Brookfield Properties, Blackstone, Siemens, and Nike.

In my current position, I actively engage with my team to design and implement wayfinding strategies, ensuring smooth coordination and successful project outcomes at every stage. I'm dedicated to marrying digital and physical features, creating a harmonious experience that adds value to the space while meeting client expectations.

Beyond my professional life, I enjoy exploring new places, savouring local cuisines, and capturing moments through street photography. During weekends, I take great joy in tending to my planted aquarium, finding pleasure in the beauty of nature it offers. I am also passionate about developing a crossover board game design, which is a gratifying personal project.

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