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Aroosa Javaid

Aroosa Javaid

Technical Designer



As an Architect specialising in signage and wayfinding, my professional journey has led me to collaborate on diverse projects across the Middle East. From hospitality to healthcare and mixed-use residential and commercial complexes, I've worked with esteemed clients such as Atkins, KEO, Emaar, Dubai Municipality, Aldar, and other international firms.

My architectural background provides me with a distinct perspective on wayfinding, emphasizing the intersection of spatial design and functionality to create seamless user experiences. This interdisciplinary mindset fuels my enthusiasm for addressing challenges and opportunities on my projects. As a technical designer, I am involved in design detailing, determining optimal sign locations, BIM coordination, and compiling design packages for review, coordination, and final submission. This involvement allows me to engage with diverse professionals and gain insights into project handling intricacies.

Originating from Lahore, Pakistan, my deep cultural roots drive my passion for exploring and appreciating diverse cultures and heritage, especially through travel. Outside of my work, I enjoy spending time with my family and attending literature and arts festivals, especially the vibrant mix of poetry and live performances.

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