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Bernie Vallejo

Bernie Vallejo

Senior Technical Designer



I was interviewed in the Philippines and subsequently hired as a Project Engineer by a UAE-based signage manufacturing company. Despite my engineering background, I was unfamiliar with this industry then. As I oversaw important projects in Dubai during its development from 2008, I discovered the importance of signage and wayfinding and developed a deep passion for my work. At that moment, I realised my career would grow in this industry.

My experience in project management at a manufacturing company has provided me with valuable insights that I have carried forward in my career as a consultant. Through this experience, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of the entire sign construction process, from its initial concept to on-site installation.

During my time in Dubai, I collaborated with several signage consultancy firms before relocating to Singapore. After learning that Endpoint had established an office in Singapore, I seized the opportunity to join the team of one of the world's leading wayfinding experts.

Outside my work, I really enjoy nature. I love fishing, walking, and cycling. I also love cars and driving, though the cost of owning a personal vehicle in Singapore has temporarily put this passion on hold.

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