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Bonita Roy

Bonita Roy

Senior Wayfinding Designer



I started my career as a spatial and experience designer specialising in retail and exhibition design. I have worked in various countries and dabbled in several design disciplines, from set design for the Indian entertainment Industry, graphics and communication, commercial spaces, and art installations to wayfinding systems.

Design has been a very intrinsic part of my life, and I’m interested in and inspired by the people, culture, environment, food, geometry, light, evolution and humour. As a Wayfinding Designer at Endpoint, I aspire to create experiences that leave long-lasting impressions on people by recognising the unique identities of spaces, creating a perfect balance of functionality and playfulness and guiding people by presenting complex information in bite-sized chunks.

My interest in wayfinding can be traced back to the Mauraders Map; I try to capture the magic and essence of a place in the simplest way possible.

Brought up in Mumbai, a city known to “never sleep” – I have invariably inherited that habit but try and make the most of it by exploring new places, food, culture, and dogs and capturing those moments with a click. As a certified open-water diver, I am always on the hunt for new dive spots to explore more of the underwater world! As a vivid analogue gamer, I enjoy different physical activities – be it a sport or an hour at the fitness studio.

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