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George Harvey

George Harvey

Senior Wayfinding Designer



My background is strongly rooted in Graphic Design. Besides wayfinding, I’ve worked across sectors including branding, marketing, advertising, editorial and stamp design. The opportunity to develop as a designer in this way has helped me understand and appreciate the craft and detail behind all things.

In my eight years as a graphic designer, I have always wanted to create work that had permanence and a positive impact on people’s lives. Designing tangible and cohesive wayfinding systems allows all kinds of spaces to be more accessible and seeing them come to fruition is extremely fulfilling.

As a member of the Endpoint team, I ensure we maintain a cohesive and coherent design language across all our work. Whether it’s our own, original ideas or implementing brand guidelines set out by a client, my creative approach helps elevate our work.

As someone who grew up in London, I find a real sense of enjoyment in working on local projects that carry a connection to where I’m from.

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