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Harshita Raj

Harshita Raj

Wayfinding Designer



From my earliest days, I've always had a passion for design and the art of innovation. Throughout my academic journey in architecture, I’ve engaged in various internships, each experience enriching my comprehension of spatial dynamics.

As a graduate, I found myself drawn to the intricate field of wayfinding. The way it seamlessly connects people to spaces fascinated me, igniting a profound dedication to mastering this essential facet of design. Every day at Endpoint in Dubai presents fresh opportunities for learning, and I take great pride in being an avid contributor to our creative team.

Having been born and raised in the UAE, it's more of a home to me. Observing the city's evolution alongside my own journey has fueled my ambition to actively participate in regional projects. Beyond work, my passion lies in continuously exploring the country's hidden gems and discovering new eateries. Time spent with loved ones and exploring novel experiences remains a cherished aspect of my life.

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