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Krishna Viswanathan

Krishna Viswanathan

BIM Technical Designer



As an architect, I began my career collaborating with my professors on significant Government Architectural and landscape projects in Kerala. My passion lies in connecting people with spaces which is why I enjoy doing wayfinding, as it feels akin to solving a maze game.

I’m also intrigued by smart advanced technologies that enhance accuracy, precision, and coordination for architects and engineers. At Endpoint, I develop signage and wayfinding systems drawings, utilising BIM to ensure seamless navigation through spaces while coordinating with other disciplines and designers. My responsibilities also include preparing message schedules and BOQs.

I like to continuously improve myself, both in technical and soft skills. I actively look for advanced lessons on new software and technologies or research topics that interest me and take classes to develop my soft skills.

After work and classes, I cherish quality time with my family, enjoying simple activities like sitting together on the couch and sharing stories or dining at nice places. Retail therapy is also another form of therapy for me.

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