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Sarah Arafat

Sarah Arafat

Senior Wayfinding Designer



My journey in the field began during my academic years, marked by a series of internships at advertising agencies. During this time, my primary focus was on graphic design for brand development and advertising campaigns. After graduating, I began my professional career by joining a specialised brand design company, where I was introduced to the exciting world of wayfinding design.

Recognising the unique and valuable aspects of wayfinding design, I made the decision to specialise in this field. The art of guiding individuals through spaces with thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing designs fascinates me, and I’m committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity in this field.

As a dedicated wayfinding designer at Endpoint, my daily responsibilities involve crafting exceptional designs for each project and overseeing their progression from initial conceptualisation to the technical execution phase. I have the privilege of applying my skills and expertise to create and implement innovative wayfinding solutions.

Outside of my professional life, I treasure moments spent with friends, exploring various culinary experiences at restaurants, and finding tranquillity at the beach. These activities provide the necessary balance to fuel my creativity and allow me to recharge.

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