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Syed Irshad Ahamed

Syed Irshad Ahamed

BIM Technical Designer



Having graduated with a background in Engineering, my expertise now lies in Building Information Modelling (BIM). I have successfully managed and delivered diverse BIM projects across various sectors, such as commercial, residential, and infrastructure. Currently, I hold the position of BIM Lead and Technical Designer, which includes executing BIM processes, delivering technical design intent, construction detailing, and adhering to standard requirements for the models.

As a passionate BIM enthusiast, I thrive on leveraging cutting-edge technology and software to optimise the construction lifecycle. My main focus involves developing comprehensive BIM models, ensuring seamless collaboration among multidisciplinary teams, and delivering projects on schedule. Staying up-to-date with the ever-evolving field of BIM is important to me, as it enables me to provide innovative solutions that meet and exceed the highest industry standards. I am dedicated to sustainable design and the latest technological advancements, and my keen attention to detail drives me to contribute to creating spaces that positively impact people's lives and the environment.

Throughout my career, I have worked with prestigious clients, including the Qatar Armed Forces, Qatar Airways, AECOM, Red Sea, and Tesla.

I enjoy spending quality moments with my friends, exploring different restaurants, and watching movies during my free time.

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