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Sticky Toffee Interview: Rebranding? Learnings from the field


Sticky Toffee Interview: Rebranding? Learnings from the field

The interview, conducted by Align Marketing’s Michelle Martin, includes Paula’s insights into the adoption of branding by emerging economies, the success of a simple brand offering and the pitfalls of poor implementation planning. Below is an extract from the interview and your chance to read the article in full.

Q. What are the top 3 things you see changing with branding?

A. There are very few sectors that have not embraced the concept of branding, right down to governments and the public sector. This means that people have a grasp of how brands work and their role in our lives. But it also means the process of developing brands has become more complex as everyone fights to gain cut-through above the noise. What we see are those brands that achieve simplicity in their delivery are the ones that really thriving. The Googles, the McDonald’s and Apples who are admired for the simplicity of their offer.

The global crisis has meant that companies are spending less on advertising but both investing more on strengthening their brands and reviewing the way they allocate their marketing spend by channel. Very recently we saw P&G switching the focus of its marketing spend to more efficient and lower cost digital activity and this is shaping how brands are developing their touch points to reach audiences.

Consumers have a voice in the design of brands through social media, Facebook and the digital world in which we live. This means brands are having to move away from a one-way message to a two-way conversation with audiences and listening to what customers and stakeholders have to say.

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