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Berkeley selects Endpoint as Wayfinding Consultant for Oval Village


Berkeley selects Endpoint as Wayfinding Consultant for Oval Village


Oval Village is a new and exciting neighbourhood in London shaped by history. Oval is renowned for the iconic Kia Oval Cricket Ground. Situated adjacent to Oval Village, the ground dates back to 1845 and stands as a testament to the area’s rich sporting heritage.

Spread across an expansive 8 acres, Berkeley’s ambitious masterplan aims to introduce 1360 new homes on an existing brownfield site. The plans include two statement offices, in addition to an exciting mix of commercial, retail and food & beverage space across the ground floor. The site’s Grade II listed gas holder is being sensitively restored and will form the historic centerpiece of Oval Village.

Oval Village has been designed with a focus on permeability, opening up the previously enclosed site and creating a series of through-routes. The visionary approach allows for the creation of 2.5 acres of public spaces, incorporating water features, courtyards, and gardens for the community to enjoy. The landscaping of these public areas will artfully integrate nods to the site's historical significance, particularly referencing the iconic gas holders.

Berkeley has engaged Endpoint's expertise to assist in creating a successful place that will stand the test of time. The wayfinding will ensure seamless and unobtrusive navigation of the new spaces. While the signs are intended to provide frictionless guidance, their role becomes more subdued once residents have acclimatized to their surroundings. Nevertheless, these wayfinding elements hold significance for a wide range of users, contributing to the overall functionality and accessibility of Oval Village.

For further details and updates on Oval Village, visit the Berkeley Group website.

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