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‘Brooching’ The Subject of Christmas…


‘Brooching’ The Subject of Christmas…


It’s hard to ignore the impending festive season here in London. Our streets are being transformed with lights and an array of winter-themed oversized decorations. And long may that continue.

Here at Endpoint, our own preparations are underway too. How else would we kick off the month-long celebrations than with a little seasonal wayfinding?

Taking inspiration from Brighton-based illustrator and designer, Lou Taylor, who designed a range of road sign brooches, we thought we would have a little fun in-house one lunchtime and (attempt) to design our own wayfinding-themed Christmas brooches. You know – the kind of thing we might give to friends, family, or the odd design enthusiast.

With the help of Christmas songs and a rainbow of felt pens, it wasn’t long before everyone from our finance manager to our marketing team had found their creative spark. The fruits of our labours included everything from a Roundel-inspired Christmas brooch to a series of seasonal London Underground signs.

What nicer way to spend a Monday lunchtime and focus our minds on the upcoming shopping that we will all inevitably have to do(!)? With a little more time, perhaps next year we’ll actually start making these…

After all, no self-respecting Wayfinder should be without a wayfinding brooch for Christmas, right?

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