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Coming to Dubai: Technical Designer Brian Cruz’s Endpoint journey so far


Coming to Dubai: Technical Designer Brian Cruz’s Endpoint journey so far

Originally from the Philippines, Technical Designer Brian Cruz trained as an architectural draughtsman before coming to Dubai in 2007. His move was prompted by the opportunity to be a draughtsman for the company where a relative was working. It was his first time in Dubai, and his first time out of the Philippines!

After spending a year with that company, he joined Endpoint in 2008 as one of five employees in the Dubai office.

How did you get started at Endpoint?

With a background in architecture, I knew how to read plans: how to navigate around developments, and residential developments. When I first started, I didn’t know wayfinding existed! In the Philippines, usually, the architects take care of those sorts of things. So it was my first time doing that.

In my early years at Endpoint, the type of projects were mostly residential developments, masterplans, and brand implementations. Now under Peter's leadership, we have a lot of different types of projects from hotels, retail, and malls, to hospitals, offices, and transport.

As a technical designer, where do you fit into the wayfinding process?

The lead designer will check the directional message and the wayfinding. Mostly, my role is to handle the report once the project has passed through the concept design stage. I work in the schematic and detailed design phase mostly. That involves working on the graphic layout template, specifications, location plans and technical drawings. If the project includes construction supervision, I do quality control, checking the signage samples from the sign contractors.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Endpoint?

Right now, I’d say making the sign family and graphic layout templates for the signs is the most fun! Doing the location plans can be enjoyable. Most of the people in Dubai are expats or tourists, so a lot of our work is in dual language.

In your role, what are some of the challenges you experience?

For me, one of the challenges of working on the schematic design phase is when a client changes their mind after the sign family has been created, and the designs have been approved. Another challenge can be when a sign has been created for a specific number of destinations, and then more destinations need to be added. This can impact the overall design – but this is fairly normal on large developments and we’re used to dealing with these kinds of challenges.

Where was the last place you got lost?

It’s not that I got totally lost, before here in Dubai there were quite a few roadworks going on. So you can take a route one day, and in a few days time, that route can be quite different!

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