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Endpoint and Hamad Medical Corporation: A three year journey


Endpoint and Hamad Medical Corporation: A three year journey


It’s approaching three years since we first partnered with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). In this time we have firmly established ourselves within HMC as both brand guardians and one of their leading design management resources.

Established in 1979, HMC is the largest non-profit health care provider in Qatar. Endpoint was appointed in late 2010 to orchestrate the full-scale implementation of a new corporate identity. This partnership has continued well into 2013 where we continue to provide creative and strategic branding solutions for an organisation whose growth knows no bounds.

The facts-and-figures of the initial project highlight the magnitude of the task at hand; implement a new brand identity across the sites of eight hospitals, a national ambulance service and home healthcare service. This included the audit and redesign of identity cards for 18,000 employees, over 250 patient facing forms and the design and livery roll out of an entirely new fleet of ambulances. Not to mention redesigning and updating the brand guidelines to better suit the needs of a rapidly growing corporation.

For Endpoint, the only way to tackle such a huge task was to place ourselves right at the very heart of HMC, inside their own offices.

Mobilising an international team of designers and project managers to work within the HMC headquarters, we have been able to approach first hand the daily challenges and the ever-evolving corporate structure. In this time not only have we been able to ensure that complex tasks are efficiently managed and expertly delivered, we have also been able to ensure that all touch points bearing the HMC logo remain true to the brand’s core values and architecture.

Perhaps one of the most exciting projects Endpoint have been involved with this year, is the branding of the new HMC Helicopters. Taking the famous brand marque to the skies, an identity that is visible throughout the entire country and will subsequently become a part of the people’s every day lives.

We’ve also been involved with a number of educational initiatives. We were part of a bilingual communication project aimed at educating visitors on their responsibilities when their loved ones, and other patients nearby, are at their most vulnerable. We also created child safe identification badges and materials enabling staff to effectively carry out their duties without undue interruption.

It’s safe to say that these past three years have been very exciting for both Endpoint and Hamad Medical Corporation, and it’s a journey that’s set to continue throughout 2013 and beyond.

By placing ourselves within the HMC offices, we have been able to deliver a truly 360-degree implementation of the brand identity. Our work has underlined the importance of dedicating sufficient internal resources to the complex and demanding process of implementing a brand. Without doubt our efforts have helped to project HMC’s original vision: To be a premier health facility, delivering the highest quality, life changing healthcare for all the people of Qatar.

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