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Endpoint launches new discussion hub for wayfinding innovation


Endpoint launches new discussion hub for wayfinding innovation


As companies continue to bring digital and technical solutions to the market, there’s an ever-growing array of new technologies which could be applied to wayfinding and placemaking – for users and clients alike.

As we see it, with so much potential, there’s real scope to shape the future of digital wayfinding through discussion, collaboration, and shared expertise. That’s why we’ve created a new podcast sectionWayfinding X Change on our website.

In Wayfinding X Change, we want to connect with digital and technology specialists to exchange knowledge of new technologies and wayfinding solutions.

Essentially a hub for digital wayfinding, the new section will be regularly updated with a series of podcast interviews with our digital partners, alongside a growing library of resources exploring the future of digital wayfinding and potential applications of new technologies.

While it’s clear that the ways that we interact digitally are having an impact on wayfinding in the physical world; there’s still a great deal of uncertainty around topics such as user engagement, augmented reality, and the cost-effective use of the available technology.

We aim to address these issues, showcase different use cases, and open the doors to forward-thinking wayfinding and placemaking solutions for a better all-round experience.

Our first podcast episode – Smart wayfinding for smart cities is ready. Enjoy the episode.

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