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Endpoint named wayfinding consultant for IWM London and IWM North


Endpoint named wayfinding consultant for IWM London and IWM North


We’re delighted to announce that Imperial War Museums (IWM) has selected Endpoint as its wayfinding consultant for both IWM London and IWM North, continuing our successful collaboration.

Imperial War Museums (IWM) was founded in 1917 to record the story of the Great War and the contributions to it made by the peoples of the Empire. Fast forward to over 100 years, and IWM is now a world authority on conflict and its impact, telling the story of people who have lived, fought, and died in conflicts involving Britain and the Commonwealth from the First World War to the present day.

With five branches collectively drawing in over 2 million visitors annually, IWM offers an extensive array of permanent and temporary exhibitions featuring artefacts from its permanent collections seamlessly integrated with immersive audio-visual displays. While IWM London is the inaugural museum among its branches, IWM North is the fifth branch and the first outside the South-East of England.

Building upon our existing collaboration concerning wayfinding solutions for IWM’s HMS Belfast branch, we’ve been tasked with conducting a comprehensive review of wayfinding systems for IWM London and IWM North. Given the unique nature of their collections and the ever-evolving environments, which pose new wayfinding challenges and opportunities, we look forward to working with IWM's stakeholders to enhance visitor navigation within their buildings.

IWM London
IWM North

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