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Endpoint rebrands – a new face, a new future


Endpoint rebrands – a new face, a new future


We have grown. In size. In expertise. In stature. Our clients have been telling us why they enjoy working with us and what we bring, over and above the expected. Our new marque – bold, clean, and communicating clarity with a gravitas suggestive of the built environment is twinned with a new tagline ‘Communication for the built environment’.

Although our reputation has been built on delivery excellence, we have since grown into a more full-service business asked for our insights on how best to strategically and creatively communicate both brands and buildings in the built environment. Our wayfinding team has expanded considerably, in London and Dubai, as has our client base of world-class architects and property developers. Our new look and feel reflect this.

The new visual identity is underpinned by the brand story of ‘We see opportunity’. Referencing a brand truth uncovered through stakeholder consultation, it refers to the differentiating value we bring by looking at the built environment in a different way. We uncover opportunity for clients to improve performance in the built environment – be this strategic, aesthetic or commercial – by bringing a fresh perspective, new angle or viewpoint to the task in hand.

"Firstly, thanks to our clients who fed into this process and for giving us their insight into the value they believe we bring. This new identity better reflects the skills and knowledge we have honed over 15 years of working within the built environment. It also gives us a stronger and clearer presence in the UK, the Gulf and in new markets.”

Gideon Wilkinson, Co-founder and Managing Director, Endpoint

What does this mean for our clients? Beyond a better articulation of our more full-service offer and the value we bring, clients will be seeing improved processes and structure to projects. This will help better capture, measure and prove effectiveness.

“This new identity better reflects our specialism in helping brands and buildings perform at their best in the built environment. Although the online brand experience has grown in importance, alongside it, so too has the physical. How a brand or building is communicated, understood and interpreted through the built environment can make or break a customer’s experience of it. This new identity will help position us for success in delivering what has become an increasing range and scale of projects across the Gulf region.”

Peter Krikhaar, Managing Director of Dubai, Endpoint

Branding consultancy Goosebumps led the rebrand project, providing incisive strategic thinking aimed at creating a simple and recognisable brand identity that would set us apart from other players in the industry.

Design and branding agency The Allotment developed our brand story designing our new website, an internal brand communications piece and is consulting on other collateral.

If you would like to find out more or feel you would like to review how you can get more out of your brand or building in the built environment, please do get in touch.

You can follow our brand launch via Twitter and Instagram – tell us what you think.

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