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Endpoint succeeds in adding ‘Wayfinding’ to the Oxford English Dictionary


Endpoint succeeds in adding ‘Wayfinding’ to the Oxford English Dictionary


Behold! Success! After way too much time seeing wayfinding tragically misspelt or hyphenated, we are more than just a little bit pleased to have succeeded in our quest to get it added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Wayfinding – as spelt correctly – is one word, and is defined as ‘The act of finding one’s way to a particular place; navigation.’

Our campaign began last Summer. To demonstrate eligibility, we needed to show the history of the word, its common uses and cite publications where it was in use. Over several months, each of our team members collected the evidence required and our submission was made.

We are delighted to hear that our campaign worked and wayfinding is one of the 500 new words added in the latest quarterly update! This appears to be a common theme here for us at Endpoint. We also wrote the first Wikipedia definition of our other specialism ‘brand implementation’.

The Oxford English Dictionary is the most comprehensive dictionary of the English language. It traces the development of English from the earliest records and formally from 1150 AD, up to the present day.

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