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Hayward Gallery re-opens its doors to art-lovers


Hayward Gallery re-opens its doors to art-lovers


Following a two-year closure, it’s wonderful to see the Hayward Gallery, one of the key buildings at the Southbank Centre, re-open its doors to the public.

Closed in September 2015 to focus on the replacement of its 66-iconic pyramid roof lights and the modernisation of the ageing building services; the gallery has returned, beautifully renovated and redesigned by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios.

Our team have been busy coordinating the wayfinding scheme using the new typeface Noe Display. Introduced by North Design as part of their wider identity for the Southbank Centre, it looks particularly striking against the cleaned brutalist concrete.

Opening to the press last night with Andreas Gursky’s first major UK retrospective seemed like a fitting celebration for two years of hard work and we would like to congratulate the client team for what will surely be a great success.

We are now focusing on completing the Queen Elizabeth Hall; keep a look out for a more detailed article about this project.

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