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Health Tech & You Exhibition, opens today at The Design Museum


Health Tech & You Exhibition, opens today at The Design Museum


A joint initiative led by AXA PPP Healthcare with the wellbeing think tank 2020health and the Design Museum, it showcases the most exciting and behaviour changing new personal health devices. The exhibition showcases awards entries from individuals, designers, developers, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals from the UK and around the world.

Endpoint has managed the graphics production and installation, bringing to life the concept and identity created by The Beautiful Meme in collaboration with Gabrielle Underwood and the team at the Design Museum.

The project presented a couple of challenges. Firstly, the striking vibrant fluro green brand colour was tricky to translate from paper to the built environment. Pantone colour references are ideal for print but have to be matched to different finishes and materials to get the desired effect in 3-dimensional environments. Considerable research and experimentation were required to find the perfect match.

Equally, applying 20pt text to heavily grained timber display tables to achieve both legibility, durability and a smooth surface finish (in an area that visitors are encouraged to touch) presented an interesting challenge. We used transfer text but only after testing to ensure that no adverse chemical reaction would occur between the text material and the table clear lacquer finish.

Come along and see for yourself. The exhibition runs until 26 April 2015 at The Design Museum, Shad Thames, London.

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