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HM Government to rebrand under one single identity two years after Endpoint called for action


HM Government to rebrand under one single identity two years after Endpoint called for action

The BBC confirmed that under a monolithic brand structure all government departments will have the same logo to coincide with the launch of a single website, to access all government services and information.

The Royal Crest will form the basis of the new master logo, with departments ‘branding’ it in their own colour.

The spokesperson for the Cabinet Office said there “will be no cost to the taxpayer“ as the changes are being developed in-house.

This is a reform which Endpoint called for back in July 2010 when Gideon Wilkinson, Managing Director of Endpoint, discussed with Neil Gibbons, Editor of Communicate Magazine, the dizzying number of brands within the UK government.

When you take a look at the central government in the UK, it is shocking to discover the sheer volume of brands in use. The UK government is comprised of 47 departments and ministries, on top of this, there are hundreds of non-departmental public bodies, all of which have their own individual brands.

“Aside from the obvious observation that the cost in developing, implementing and maintaining these brand must be enormous, you have to question the need for the government to brand their departments and ministries like a consumer brand. How much does the general public come into contact with the Department of Culture, Media and Sport for example enough to warrant its own set of values, strategy and visual identity? Or would it be more sensible for these departments to take a more simplistic, unified and cost-effective approach to branding”?

“This problem has arisen historically, by new Ministers who like to stamp their mark on a department. It appears to have been acceptable to spend millions on continuously transforming government brands to reflect a Ministers new vision”.

If the implementation of the new visual identity is “done intelligently and planned correctly, it could provide the government with a more effective and unified identity with significant savings throughout the government’s term”.

Source: BBC News

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