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John Lewis and Premier Inn named in the top 10 of the UK Brand Simplicity Index


John Lewis and Premier Inn named in the top 10 of the UK Brand Simplicity Index


Two of Endpoint’s long-standing clients have been named in the top 10 of the Siegel & Gale UK ‘Brand Simplicity Index’.

John Lewis and Premier Inn came 3rd and 7th respectively in the index, which celebrates the consistency, simplicity, and transparency of a brand's creative execution. Compiled from interviews with more than 6,000 consumers in seven countries, the research revealed that consumers would be willing to pay a premium of more than 5% for simplified communications and experiences.

Endpoint’s client of over 13 years, John Lewis increased its simplicity score by 26% on the 2010 results, ranking at number three. In an interview with Marketing Week, Head of Marketing Lloyd Page described how an understanding of the customer journey, the core brand positioning, and consistent creative execution is integral to John Lewis.

“Where you can get it really right or really wrong is throughout the creative execution”.

“We work hard to make sure our creative execution of how we tell a new story is rooted in a product or brand truth that is unique to John Lewis, and I think by combining that with our ‘Never Knowingly Undersold’ pledge, our communications really resonate with people”.

Premier Inn’s Marketing Director Mark Fells, in an interview with Marketing Week, explains how simplicity is vital to make sure customers get the best experience from his brand.

“Our central promise is ‘a great night’s sleep guaranteed’. We all know what we stand for and what we work towards, which makes the marketing message quite simple because the hard work has already been done”.

Tony Lorenz, Endpoint’s Strategy & Development Director explains, “Brands that score high on simplicity indices belie the ingenuity that goes into addressing a myriad of complex brand challenges and an unrelenting focus to distil these into a compelling proposition. In the fast-paced world we live in, customers place a high value on simplicity”.

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