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Taking Hamad Medical to the skies


Taking Hamad Medical to the skies


Three new helicopters bearing the HMC brand marque have taken to the skies in Doha, Qatar to start their life-saving operations, and Endpoint played a huge role in getting them off the ground.

Dubbed LifeFlight, the new fleet of Augusta Westland 139 helicopters are equipped with the latest advanced life support equipment and carry two medical crew and two pilots, each wearing specially designed FlightSuits.

For Endpoint, our three year relationship with HMC has been full of memorable moments and accomplishments, but this was the first time we have branded a new fleet of helicopters and it proved to be one the most technically demanding projects we have been a part of.

Along with the safety and hygiene issues associated with healthcare equipment, there are also a lot of technical and engineering restrictions that need to be considered when trying to brand a vehicle of this nature.

A helicopter cannot use large areas of vinyl for fear of it peeling off and getting sucked into the engines and rotor, so instead the body was painted with the high-visibility HMC colours, which are easily identifiable over sand and sea. The panels, seals and fuel caps also restrict the areas where graphics can be applied so we had to think carefully about how to get maximum exposure of the brand’s identity. It took a lot of creative direction from ourselves, and technical direction from the manufacturers, before a final design was agreed with the client.

Further expanding our breadth of involvement with HMC, we also branded the ambulance crew’s FlightSuits with the LifeFlight crest and English, Arabic translations.

LifeFlight will take to the skies 24-hours a day, and through our ability to devise creative solutions to technical restrictions it’s striking Hamad Medical Corporation brand identity will be visible all over Qatar.

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