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Tony Lorenz takes part in #CommsChat


Tony Lorenz takes part in #CommsChat


Strategy & Development Director, Tony Lorenz took part in this weeks #CommsChat discussing rebranding, the shortlist for the Transform Awards 2013 and much more.

Tying in with the announcement of this year's Transform Awards shortlist, Endpoint’s Strategy & Development Director Tony Lorenz was invited to share in a discussion as to how this year’s shortlist reflects the branding industry as a whole and how winning awards is perceived amongst the branding community.

Here is a round-up of the #Comms Chat:-

@CommsChat – This year, there were a record no. of companies shortlisted and a record number of entries
@endpoint_uk – I imagine agencies recognize the value of awards to underline the effectiveness of their work as proof of success

@adamrubins – Awards are vanity but a useful commodity in driving awareness and validating your capabilities to prospective clients
@endpoint_uk – I think where the award shows design effectiveness its definitely something clients value

@PeterMBarrett – I find awards useful to learn from. But must remember – it’s the quality of the work, not the award, that’s inspiring/educational
@endpoint_uk – absolutely, there are some agencies who don’t do awards but deliver great results

Q. What is the benefit of entering awards for a rebrand? Does competition bring out the best ideas in people?

@jgombita – I’d say no. The best rebrands fit needs of stakeholders, not criteria to win an award

@endpoint_uk – I totally agree

@CommsChat – Can a rebrand do both?

@jgombita – The objective of winning an award should NEVER be the goal of a rebrand or outcome of its success

@endpoint_uk – Totally agree, never witnessed that in any consultancy I worked, you do 110% for your client

Q. What are the trends in branding and rebrands this year? What’s new? What’s old? What’s here to stay?

@adamrubins – I would imagine more re-brands are being initialised and developed via the use of social analytics

@endpoint_uk – especially so in the consumer space where the brand is in the public realm

@adamrubins – I’d like to see the best response to consumer demand

@endpoint_uk – can't agree more especially with consumers so much more overtly involved

Q. What makes (or what should make) a rebrand worthy of winning an award?

@adamrubins – Strong consumer insight, driving reputation, interest and purchase intent. Aesthetic is secondary

@endpoint_uk – Yes, good design or communication is the strategy visualised and verbalised

@adamrubins – Strategy is first and foremost. Great visuals that don’t deliver against strategy are meaningless

@endpoint_uk – I cannot agree more. so many agencies just show visuals, but what is the business foundation or backstory

Q. What elements of a rebrand or brand transformation should be highlighted by the judging process?

@jgombita – When “what is now” captures better than anything than what it was. An organic rebranding rather than an artificial one

@endpoint_uk – I like the notion of an organic rebranding, from within and evolved

@jgombita – I’ve been thru an intensive rebranding exercise. I’d worked for org. for years but came out understanding so much.

Q. Why is it important for a design or branding agency to balance creativity and practicality when working on a rebrand

@PeterMBarrett – Practicality is the bottom line. Good creativity might well provide that practicality. But workable delivery of objective is #1

@endpoint_uk – And those brands that can articulate simplicity in all they do across their promise, usually the successful ones

@uber_engagement – Strategic and cultural insights key to creativity

@endpoint_uk – I guess it depends on the brand and its positioning as to the balance, but yes strategic insight and everything cultural – based on different locality

@uber_engagement – Brands are built from inside out Culture is key

@endpoint_uk – Yes from within, cannot agree more, the engagement is paramount, it's our start point

Q. What can we look forward to in next year’s Transform shortlist?

@adamrubins – More rebrands based on time and stakeholder changes versus consumer demand or insight!

@endpoint_uk – And in the B2B sector such as professional services its more client based but still the insight is really vital

A big thank you to all those who contributed to the #CommsChat.

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