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Wayfinding X Change podcast #2: Real-time content in digital signage


Wayfinding X Change podcast #2: Real-time content in digital signage


Wayfinding X Change podcast #2: Real-time content in digital signage

Real-time content in digital signage

Real-time content in digital signage

Chris Johns, Founder and Director, PassageWay

How real-time content in digital signage helps to connect people, places and communities

In the second Wayfinding X Change podcast, Endpoint is thrilled to welcome Chris Johns, Founder and Director of PassageWay Smart Digital Signs, to share his insights into real-time digital signage for transportation.

Endpoint’s mission is to connect people with places, creating memorable experiences in both public and commercial spaces. So we feel very much aligned with the work being done by software company PassageWay as they roll out real-time public transport information across urban and rural areas through digital signage.

Listen to the complete podcast interview in full or read the article summary below.

What is real-time content in digital signage?

Real-time content in digital signage displays the latest and most relevant information available. In the public transport sector, this typically involves sharing the latest arrival and departure times, as well as any disruptions to a particular service. Real-time content on digital signage is regularly refreshed so that it always stays relevant and useful to end-users.

What does PassageWay do?

PassageWay supports transport and city authorities, suppliers, and partners by connecting people, places, and communities to the real-time public transport information that surrounds them. They’re a software as a service (SaaS) start-up, providing a software licensing service, which has worked for a number of years with Transport for London (TFL) on its real-time digital signage content, to make travelling by bus or train a more obvious and simple choice for people.

What problems does PassageWay solve?

“Every city around the world needs to get more customers back onto the public transport network. But they also need to encourage customers onto the transport network to reduce pollution and the environmental effect of other forms of travel.” - Chris Johns

PassageWay’s software helps to make choosing public transport easier. From the screen in your pocket, or a desktop computer, to large public digital signage, it transforms screens into real-time digital signs by sharing local transport information using data from the public transport authority. PassageWay’s software is hardware-agnostic – meaning it can be used on virtually any digital screen – and essentially takes the form of a URL (web page). This gives it incredible versatility, and it’s been deployed in places like schools, hospitals, and bus shelters to provide people with real-time access to journey information.

Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), PassageWay aims to help cities and human settlements be inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable by nudging people towards increased use of public transport.

Where next for PassageWay?

“We have a clear vision for trying to connect, people, places, and communities with their local public transport system. Our interest is in the journey for people to move around the place-based environment.” - Chris Johns

PassageWay is currently exploring the possibilities of bringing other useful information into real-time content, such as crowd density, and weather. Through mobile data, it’s possible to measure congestion hotspots so that travellers can make informed decisions about which route to take.

With over 4,000 cities around the world, PassageWay is also looking to grow beyond London to work with other transport authorities and cities. They’re also excited about implementing their technology in more rural areas, such as parts of Wales, to provide real-time live train information.

Endpoint is looking forward to future collaborations with PassageWay. We’re particularly excited to explore innovative ways of implementing real-time digital signs into a range of wayfinding and placemaking projects.

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