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Endpoint featured in new signage & wayfinding book


Endpoint featured in new signage & wayfinding book


Two Endpoint wayfinding projects – our award-winning work for Harrods and the Dubai Design District (d3) – are featured in a new book ‘Designing Orientation: Signage Concepts & Wayfinding Systems’ by Chris van Uffelen, a Dutch-German author and art historian.

The book discusses how – through the interaction between typography, pictograms, materials, colours and shapes – wayfinding and signage systems are becoming an integral part of a location’s identity.

For the author, Chris van Uffelen, the main purpose of wayfinding systems and signage concepts is to orientate end-users as quickly and as clearly as possible.

Endpoint’s Inclusions

The book aims to demonstrate different approaches and implementation options for large-scale wayfinding projects and showcases a variety of case studies. Endpoint’s entries include two key projects:

  • Harrods – how we implemented a success-driven wayfinding solution covering 90,000 square metres of historic and iconic retail space.
  • Dubai Design District (d3) – how we developed wayfinding strategy and navigational landmarks across an entire and ever-evolving district designed specifically for the creative industries.

Alongside wayfinding, the book also explores recent developments in the functional and creative scope of signage, made possible by the interplay between analogue and emerging digital technologies.

Pitched as an indispensable guide for anyone involved with communication, the book aims to appeal to architects, interior designers, graphic artists, and creatives from other industries.

The book was released last month and we're proud to have our own personalised cover.

To order a copy, visit Amazon and Waterstones.

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