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Endpoint featured in signage and wayfinding book sequel


Endpoint featured in signage and wayfinding book sequel


Following up on the success of 2013’s ‘You Are Here’, publishers Victionary have curated projects from around the world that enhance spaces and settings – from the underrated simplicity of successfully guiding people from point A to point B, to projects that delight their visitors with playful exploration.

With the inclusion of two Endpoint projects, the book’s aim is to reflect design work which skilfully integrates form and functionality, creativity and empathy. It celebrates effective signage that’s also aesthetically pleasing.

Endpoint projects due to feature in this collection are:

  • Harrods - This award-winning project sought to cut journey times, ease congestion and improve navigation around the iconic British department store, staying true to its art nouveau aesthetic and heritage.
  • Royal Opera House - As part of a wider initiative to make this historic venue more accessible, welcoming, and inclusive, Endpoint helped to improve and enhance the visitor journey using a ‘floor number + door letter’ approach.

The book also provides a visual insight into the dual purpose of wayfinding systems. It focuses on the careful weighing-up of the visitor’s need to orientate themselves in an unfamiliar (and often complex) environment, alongside organisational needs to deliver the visual identity of their brand at every touchpoint in the visitor journey.

You should be able to find this fascinating second look at signage and wayfinding on booksellers' shelves from March 2022.

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Photo by: Victionary

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