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Brand application support for a new retail strategy

Sainsbury's – Multi-site brand application

Brand application support for a new retail strategy


Since 2015, Endpoint has been providing our specialist brand application service to Sainsbury’s, supporting them in their strategy of rolling out branded store-in-store experiences to help generate additional footfall and customer choice within their traditional grocery store formats.

Lloyds Pharmacy integration

We started initially with the Lloyds Pharmacy integration, auditing 123 sites and producing detailed site packs for internal approvals and signage contractors. Then, following the acquisition of The Home Retail Group, we ramped up our team to provide similar brand application support for the rollout of a new Argos store-in-store format across a further 100 stores.

Sainsbury's Argos Lloyds Pharmacy integration

A customer journey approach

Our brand application process involves studying the main routes that customers take as they approach each store, navigate the car parks and then internally through main entrances and shopping aisles. This analysis highlights the best and most visible locations for key branded signage, wayfinding and customer information that promotes the new brands and informs customers about the store changes.

Sainsbury's Endpoint brand team

Intelligent interpretation of brand guidelines

Our team of experienced brand application designers interpret brand and store guidelines and apply the key principles and rules to each individual opportunity at each store. The value we add is in the customer centred interpretation of these guidelines. Every site and situation is different, so we need to constantly adjust, tweak and apply the rules in ways that are not always covered. We have to balance our interpretation of the guidelines against any potential cost implications, planning authority risks and the delicate relationship between the Sainsbury's master brand and the new secondary brands.

Our intelligent and independent approach to interpreting the various guidelines reduced internal approval friction and resulted in guidelines being updated to represent real-world situations. This constant improvement creates more robust guidance, resulting in a quicker and more efficient process for the wider rollout.

We continue to work with Sainsbury’s supporting them with new store openings and major refurbishments.

Sainsbury's Argos Lloyds Pharmacy integration
Sainsbury's Endpoint brand team

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