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We help businesses speak to people through, what we believe, is the most powerful channel of all – the built environment. From the Apple Store to Google’s offices, even the heroes of the digital age recognise the power of a physical, real-life experience to win hearts and minds.

This might mean bringing your brand to life in a physical space – brand translation – or guaranteeing the best possible experience for the people who pass through it – wayfinding.

We look at the built environment in a way that creates immense strategic and aesthetic value for clients.

Brand translation
An opportunity to help
your brand perform

Having a beautiful brand identity on paper is one thing, turning it into an impactful brand experience in the built environment, another. It takes a different perspective, a special skill set and level of expertise to make the most of what we believe, is a brand's most important touchpoint.

We work in partnership with brand owners and brand and design consultancies bringing insight and experience. We can help at the outset with planning, through to the design development, implementation and management of the brand across the built environment, across multiple geographies. We always start with your endpoint - an indepth understanding of your objectives.

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An opportunity to
enhance experience

Wayfinding is every method by which we find our way around complex environments. It's not just about signs. Everything we see, hear, smell and touch along our journey affects our ability to complete it. As do our cognitive abilities, our stress levels and our expectations. The practice of wayfinding interprets these challenges and opportunities to create moments on the journey to aid, instruct and create joy.

We create schemes from scratch, from strategy through to the production management and guidelines. Sometimes we are brought in as a specialist strategic partner, teaming up with many of our design agency friends. We work with client teams and developers and have an outstanding track record with many of the world’s leading architects.

The interventions we create, work navigationally, first and foremost. However, they also look to add extra value - be this through increased footfall, brand impact or emotional resonance through an enhanced sense of 'place'.

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How we work

Whatever kind of work you hire us for – brand translation or wayfinding – you’ll see consistency in our way of thinking and doing.



Implement + Manage



We think, we research, we plan, we inform. No communications challenge can be solved without being underpinned by a strong strategic foundation. Through site audits and surveys, stakeholder interviews, workshops, cost analysis and customer journey mapping, we bring informed thinking to every project we do.


We interpret the strategy or design vision for the brand or building and add new layers of creativity that can only come from knowing the format inside out. From sign design – concepts to technical design specifications and guidelines, to wayfinding design, 3D design and environmental graphic design, we are known for adding that little extra ‘something’.

We take an active interest in new ideas, materials, tools and technologies bringing an attention to detail, that we are told, is second to none.

Implement + Manage

The mainstay of any successful intervention in the built environment, is how well the brand, the building or indeed the environment around it, is brought to life. Is it impactful? Every time, globally? Cost-effective? Easy to maintain? Achievable on time and within budget? Our delivery team look after all the really important nuts and bolts of a project – the programme for brand implementation or wayfinding, procurement, planning applications, contract management, gaining Health and Safety consent.

Then, once everything is in place, we can help manage the estate as you expand or update, to make sure it always looks and performs at its very best.


As the saying goes, you are only as good as your last job. Where possible, we like to measure the effectiveness of our work. This is partly so we can be sure we have delivered the business and human outcomes we’ve promised, but also so that we can spot opportunities to optimise or improve.

Where we work
A global perspective

We are an international, multi-lingual team working from two studios in London and Dubai. Our internal network ensures that we can put the best team on every project, regardless of location.

We have been in the Gulf region for almost ten years delivering for clients across the region, from the United Arab Emirates to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain to Qatar. It means that we have built up an enviable knowledge of local building regulations, vendor capability, cultural nuance and how simply just to get things done.

We have international reach through the support of an independent network of design and brand consultancies and implementation experts. Together, we pool our resources and expertise to create value for clients across Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

Who we work with

With 15 years in the business, we are proud to call many of our clients our friends. We have been working with Apple, John Lewis and Whitbread for over a decade.

We partner with client teams, developers, architects and the design and branding community. Here’s a selection:

What our clients say about us

"Endpoint has a level of service and an attention to detail that aligns with those of Apple - they combine innovation with creative technical solutions and help ensure that the Apple brand experience is implemented consistently. These guys have never let me down."

Bob Laughrea, Retail Development, Apple Inc.

"Endpoint has been assisting John Lewis with the design and procurement of our internal signs for years. We very much value the work they do as it ensures that we keep consistency and quality to the design and manufacture of our signage schemes."

Lisa Wells, Signage Design Manager, John Lewis Partnership

"Rebranding 500 sites in 6 months is extremely impressive as are the considerable cost savings Endpoint's processes have achieved. Our hotels have never looked better and Endpoint has played a pivotal role in making this happen."

Gerard Tempest, Marketing Director, Whitbread

"Endpoint partnered with us in delivering our new visual identity across all our bank branches, 500 offsite ATMs and many other brand touchpoints in just 90 days, and always provided pragmatic solutions to the more challenging applications."

Vikram Krishna, Head of Group Marketing, Emirates NBD

"If I was looking to rebrand HMC again from scratch I would make sure that we brought in Endpoint to work alongside the branding team much earlier."

Hamish Scott-Gale, Brand Director, Hamad Medical Corporation

"Endpoint engineered and implemented a comprehensive signage package throughout Land Securities' latest retail development - One New Change. Their level of professionalism and attention to detail ensured a visually stunning result. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Endpoint again, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others."

Steve Rolley, Design Manager, Bovis Lend Lease UK