What do you see?A new look for a bank, or an opportunity to help them grow?

Emirates NBD

At a glance
  • Five year brand implementation relationship with Emirates NBD
  • 2009 brand rollout following Emirates NBD merger
  • 2011 brand rollout of Emirates Islamic Bank
  • 2013 Emirates Islamic Bank rebrand to Emirates Islamic
  • Emirates NBD now the leading retail banking franchise in the UAE
The opportunity

Present a new ambitious face to the region

Emirates NBD are the leading banking group in the region. We have helped steer them through several brand implementation programmes, following a series of high-profile business acquisitions and rebrands.

We first assisted them following their merger of Emirates Bank International (EBI) with the National Bank of Dubai (NBD). We helped integrate both banks rolling out their new identity across all seven Emirates, over a 60-day period. We even managed to help provide major cost savings.

Shortly after, we facilitated the rebrand of Dubai Bank under the Emirates Islamic Bank umbrella, the Sharia-compliant subdivision of Emirates NBD. Again, we delivered across multiples sites, across the seven Emirates and this time with a tight timeline of one week for rebrand execution.

Lastly, we were on hand to help them transition from the above to a new name and new identity – Emirates Islamic in 2013.

The result

Emirates NBD is the leading retail banking franchise in the UAE

Emirates NBD has gone from strength to strength. Today, it is the leading retail banking franchise, with more than 220 branches and over 900 ATMs and CDMs spread across the country and overseas.

We have helped lay the foundations for a future of sustained growth for the group and its brands.

Our approach

Delivered every time

Large, complex, multi-site brand implementation rollouts such as these, share a common approach. They involve meticulous research and planning, a fully informed, realistic strategy and fastidious project management to make it all happen and bring it to life.

Through the research and planning phase of the Emirates Islamic Bank project, our audit and site surveys helped us advise on which of the branches were best to rebrand and which to de-brand and prepare for sale.

Our strategy and implementation plans for all of the projects for the banking group involved team members from both our London and Dubai studios. Together, against challenging timescales, our teams delivered both on the ground and remotely. This included design development of signage schemes; creation of guidelines for branches, ATMs and in-branch merchandising; securing landlord, municipality and mall permissions; and managing the prototyping, manufacture and installation of signage and other branded elements. In short, an all-encompassing brand implementation approach necessary to ensure that the brands performed at their best in the built environment.

Highlights of our work with Emirates NBD include:
  • Emirates NBD merger 2009 – rollout of 120 branches and 650 ATMs, across all seven Emirates, with considerable cost savings. Over 3,600 corporate design elements installed
  • Emirates Islamic Bank rebrand 2011 – rollout of 21 branches, three offices and over 20 offsite ATMs, across all seven Emirates
  • Emirates Islamic rebrand 2013 – rollout of corporate office, 50 branches and over 70 offsite ATMs across all seven Emirates
Emirates Islamic Bank fascia sign Emirates Islamic Bank branch signage Emirates Islamic Bank fascia sign Emirates Islamic Bank fascia sign installation Emirates NBD reception desk

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