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Why workplace branding matters more than ever


Why workplace branding matters more than ever

We know that COVID has changed everything. Businesses and organisations have learnt that whether in a coffee shop, at home, or in a hybrid workspace, people can successfully work remotely. In the near future, we anticipate that there's likely to be an increase in hybrid working as staff go into the office less frequently.

Changing office environment

We believe the office is changing its function. It’s becoming a place where staff go to learn, socialise, collaborate, catch up, and meet. It’s no longer a site of production like a factory. It’s becoming a place where people gather, a community hub – a place of culture. It’s the social epicentre of your brand. It’s the place where new clients and prospective employees get that crucial first impression.

So it’s even more important to use workplaces to tell the story of your brand: its history, accolades, and values. And this needs to be done in an interesting, localised, and creative way – in line with your organisation’s history and vision.

Workplace branding

Workplace branding helps to achieve these things, as well as attracting the right staff and retaining them. Branding a workplace is more subtle and more important than you might think. Unfortunately, it’s an often overlooked and under-budgeted extension of the company brand – an afterthought that should be aforethought.

It’s important to remember that an engaging workplace that’s meaningful to employees can be really impactful on productivity and retention. Just take a look at the work we’ve done for Hikma and Blackbaud. Ultimately, we understand how important it is to uphold a brand’s values and continuously improve its effectiveness as a workplace.

At Endpoint, we’re experienced in understanding the challenges facing modern workplaces and can offer strategic advice on workplace branding and wayfinding.

Find out more about how we work or get in touch to discuss your workspace.

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