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Johnson Gardens - Office campus wayfinding system

Unifying an office campus through wayfinding at Johnson Gardens


Johnson Gardens is an office campus in Farringdon consisting of four interconnected buildings. The owners, Arax Properties, wanted to create a campus feel and needed a consistent wayfinding system to unite the buildings and the interconnecting spaces.

Construction and development consultants, Radcliffes, recommended Endpoint to provide a full wayfinding design service from concept through to implementation. We had previously worked on the Johnson Building, which had been refurbished to help bring in new tenants.

Creating a sense of place

Johnson Gardens unites four buildings – Johnson Building, Courtyard Building, Sweeps Building, and Townhouse Building – under one brand. The site also includes a courtyard, garden, bike store, wellness space, and a roof garden.

Whilst each building has individual character, the owners were looking to unify the space to create a cohesive campus look and feel. The office campus wayfinding system and signage needed to enhance the sense of identity, so that the buildings looked like one site, with a consistent system and a site map at each entry point.

One identity for four buildings

The new brand identity is punchy and strong, so that’s where we took our initial inspiration – creating a loud and colourful end-of-trip area at the bike store. Following Arax Properties’ brand guidelines, we developed a wayfinding system to connect the campus, taking design cues – circles – from the iconic Johnson Building.

A workshop with the client revealed their desire for a strong focus on green space and gardens, which influenced our selected route. The green space by the courtyard is the garden – and it’s the link between all four buildings – so we recommended they call that area ‘The Gardens’.

Another of our recommendations was to support the identification of each building with a naming hierarchy. For example, an entrance is always named ‘Johnson Gardens’ and is then given its building-specific title. This supported the overarching brand, created consistency, but also maintained the uniqueness of each building.

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