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Defining the wayfinding for a new fashion capital

Place Vendôme - Bespoke wayfinding system

Defining the wayfinding for a new fashion capital


Place Vendôme is more than just a shopping mall, it’s an ultra-luxury retail experience. Located in the heart of Lusail, Place Vendôme is home to the most prestigious international fashion brands amidst a backdrop of stunning surroundings inspired by iconic French architecture.

A French icon personified with a touch of Middle Eastern elegance

Place Vendôme transcends the conventional notion of a shopping mall, boasting a myriad of 580 retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. With an expansive area of over 1,150,000 square metres, a clear and concise wayfinding design was paramount. Our task was to craft a distinctive wayfinding solution that honoured its Parisian origins, whilst aligning with the customer demographic and visitor experience in Qatar.

As a premier retail destination, we had two primary objectives in mind. First, to pay homage to the esteemed and beloved atmosphere of Place Vendôme Paris. Second, to infuse a touch of Middle Eastern elegance to resonate with the local audience. Our wayfinding design combines the luxurious ambiance of Place Vendôme without compromising on practicality and accessibility for all users.

Our naming principles were at the core of our approach, which seamlessly integrated Arabic, English, and French to create a tailored experience for all users. By incorporating hues of gold, charcoal black (cool grey), and pristine white into our wayfinding design, we effortlessly conveyed an atmosphere of ultra-luxury while ensuring the clarity and legibility remained uncompromised. During our technical execution, we recommended using top-tier materials known for their flexibility and ease of maintenance, harmonising durability with the integrity of our unique design vision.

A holistic and unequivocally luxurious retail experience

Following a holistic design approach, we carefully considered every user and their journey, crafting a wayfinding strategy and design that encapsulates the essence of the Place Vendôme brand. Our approach blends opulence with simplicity, seamlessly presented through functional and intuitive signage. The result is a harmonious design that enhances the visitor's experience, making it truly unforgettable.

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