Endpoint London staff member Alison Richings

Alison Richings

Wayfinding Design Director


For me, wayfinding is my vocation. I’ve always been fascinated by human behaviour – why we make the decisions we do, how the environment impacts on that, and how we can make things better for all concerned. When you get that right, it can be hugely rewarding. No more so than in the field of Health, which is where I started in wayfinding. I was part of the team that researched and wrote the national NHS guidelines on wayfinding.

I lead the Wayfinding design team here at Endpoint. Over the last 16 years I have worked on a host of large-scale, multi-faceted destination projects from city-shaping masterplan projects – such as Saadiyat Island in the UAE and the Qatar Petroleum District, to Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport, Wembley Park and London Bridge Quarter.

I believe in grounding everything in strategy to unearth that key core insight. Once you know that, it’s a creative exercise in how best to get there – how to emotionally engage with people in the built environment and give them a compelling reason to want to keep coming back.

I’m a writer and a speaker on the subject of wayfinding, and when I’m not, I can either be found baking or obsessing over fonts.